The Indiana Oil and Gas Association (INOGA) has a rich history of involvement in the exploration and development of hydrocarbons in the State of Indiana. The INOGA was formed some 63 years ago and historically has been an all-volunteer organization principally made up of representatives of oil and gas exploration and development companies (operators), however, it has enjoyed support and membership from pipeline, refinery, land acquisition, service, supply, legal, engineering and geologic companies or individuals.

The Benefits of Membership

The INOGA has been an active representative for the upstream oil and gas industry in Indiana and provides a common forum for this group. The Association represents its membership on issues of state, federal and local regulation/legislation that has, does and will affect the business of this industry. The INOGA provides a forum for sharing ideas, technology, recognition of individual members achievement and a voice in state government. The INOGA has supported continuing education for its membership and supports oil and gas professionalism by awarding scholarships to incoming freshmen seeking degrees in engineering, geology, etc.

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Today, as we have always done in the past, the oil producers of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky are fighting for affordable American energy and jobs for our local economy. We encourage you to view some additional facts regarding the jobs and economic impact of our American Oil industry. It’s time to speak up for our industry – both in the communities where we live and with the policy makers of this great nation!.